New WIFI Hidden Camera Lighter

This is ideal for meetings, held in your hand or left behind in a room. The sound and video is astonishingly good at full HD and features WIFI where you can connect directly to your phone (hotspot mode) to view the camera or connect to a WIFI router to view from an unlimited distance on your phone. It is extremely easy to use with one button operation. This system also works as a lighter with a heating element! Playback is simple connect to WIFI or remove SD card (SD card required) and plug into a computer (SD reader supplied) to view recordings.

-Recharge time: 1-2 Hours
-Battery Operating time: 45 Minutes
-Resolution: 1080p HD
-Expandable Memory: Micro SD card Required up to 128GB
-Time and Date Stamp
-Operates as a normal lighter
-One Button operation
-Has an LED torch
-Can be connected to WIFI to view from an unlimited distance
-Free app for Iphone or Android
-Works as a normal lighter with heating element
-Camera and electronics cleverly concealed
-Size: 8.5cm x 3.2cm x 1.5cm

HD Audio and Video Spy Watch
*Please Note: Watch may slightly differ from the illustration

This HD spy watch is ideal for any occasion, whether you are formally or casually dressed. Nowadays, smart watches and pedometers have become very fashionable to wear daily - so wearing a watch that looks like a smart watch is inconspicuous The watch records both sound and video in 1080p HD. This particular watch has a very simple and elegant design and does not draw any attention - it is also a unisex design for both males or females. There are no flashing lights during recording and the camera is hidden in the front face of the unit - there is no hole or anything to show that there is a camera. Most importantly this watch has a amplified microphone and can pick up sound up to 25 feet which many imitation watches do not have. The watch displays the time like a normal watch - however, it does not have any smart watch features (such as bluetooth, pedometer etc) Simply connect to a computer via USB cable (supplied) to playback/transfer recordings. Please note - this watch is splashproof but not waterproof.

-Recharge time: 2-3 Hours
-Battery Operating time: 1.5 hours
-Resolution: 1080p HD
-Memory Capacity: 32GB
-Rubber Strap
-Time and Date Stamp
-Video & Sound/Sound Only/Photo Modes (selectable)
-Motion Sensor
-Easy operation

Spy Audio and Video Recording Glasses

These fashionable spy glasses can be used both indoor or outdoor (unlike sun glasses which is only best suited for good weather outdoor). It records sound and video in full 1080p HD quality and is very easy to use. All recordings are time and date stamped and the device requires a memory card (up to 32GB - Not supplied). Simply connect to a computer to charge/playback via the USB cable supplied. This system records in normal format and can playback on many types of media players. These glasses have no obvious hole and the camera is completely concealed. Please note that this camera is not designed to see in darkness.

-Recharge time: 2-3 Hours
-Battery Operating time: Just over 1 hour
-Resolution: 1080p HD
-Time and date stamp
-Expandable Memory (up to 32GB - Micro SD required)
-One button operation - Photo and Video Mode Selectable.

Spy Car Key Fob

This Spy Car Key Fob looks like an ordinary car key, however concealed inside this unit is a full 1080p HD camera and microphone. It is ideal to insert with a set of keys and leave on a table to record meetings. The key does not operate as a car key however it does flick open like a normal one. The system is very easy to use and has expandable memory (up to 32GB - 8GB supplied, up to 2 hours). You can playback by connecting to a computer/laptop (USB cable supplied). The USB and micro SD slot is well concealed. The device also features motion sensor/continuous/photo mode and infrared function to see in pitch darkness (up to a metre).

-Charging time: 2-3 Hours
-Battery Operating time: 1 hour 20 minutes
-Resolution: 1080p HD
-Easy to use
-Infrared Night Vision
-USB/SD card well concealed and key does flick
-Motion/Continuous/Photo modes
-Clear sound and video
-Time and Date stamp

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