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If you think you're being monitored - consider this:-

Most telephone instruments can be easily and quickly modified to function as a room listening device and still operate normally on the phone line.

A tiny microphone can be attached to the cable of an intercom, burglar alarm, doorbell, electrical mains circuit or virtually anything using wire to turn it into an effective listening device.

A radio bug can look and behave like a normally functioning everyday object. i.e. a pen that writes, an electrical plug that operates normally or perhaps a light fitting that does more than simply illuminate your room.

It only takes a few minutes to install a bug into a motor vehicle. It can operate indefinitely and be listened to over any distance - even when the vehicle is travelling at speed.

Many listening devices are operated by remote control and some use highly refined encryption techniques.

Cameras are becoming smaller every day. They are extremely sophisticated, cheap to purchase and can be hidden almost anywhere.

Sophisticated surveillance equipment is very affordable and almost anybody can use it.

If the consequences of being overheard or observed are unacceptable, either avoid those situations that could compromise your privacy or protect yourself by using some decent and reliable quality
counter-surveillance product.

As bugging equipment is becoming smaller, more sophisticated, cheaper and easier to use - so is the detection equipment. Be aware and don't cut corners.

We stock 3 levels of bug detectors; basic, mid and top range depending on your level of threat and budget. All of our bug detectors will find bugs/trackers/transmitters/cameras, however, as the level of threat goes up, the mid and top range have more features and higher sensitivity. Most importantly, all of our bug detectors are supplied with instructions written by us on the method and technique for scanning.

Latest - Anti Transmission/Counter Surveillance Pouch

This pouch is ideal for those that are concerned about their privacy or feel that their mobile phone has been compromised. Simply place your phone into the pouch between the lining and your phone will no longer be able to receive or send any signals.

This is also excellent for Keyless Entry Cars. Simply place your wireless key into the pouch and you can prevent your car from being stolen. In the past few years cars such as Mercedes and BMWs (High End) have been stolen by criminals using special transceivers to steal and bounce the signal from wireless keys (no matter how far you have put it inside your house) They would then easily unlock the vehicle and drive away. An example of this can be seen here:

This pouch will prevent any signal coming in or going out.

The pouch is made of tough material and is large enough to carry a large mobile phone and keys (20cm x 10.5cm).

RFD2 Basic Bug/Camera Combined Detector - Low to Medium Level of threat

A reliable portable bug detector with a camera locator. Features a vibrating alarm so the user can be silently alerted to a potential threat. The device will also identify what type of signal it has found

Mode 1: Detects Radio Frequency Devices (GPS trackers, listening bugs, wireless cameras, wifi, 3G, 4G etc)
Mode 2: Hidden camera locator finds camera lenses, will locate both wired and transmitting cameras. Specifications
Mode 3: Detects Electro-Magnetic Radiation from Non-Transmitting Devices (I.E some active recorders)
Mode 4: Magnetic Detection - Finds Magnetic Devices

-Size: 10.4cm x 5.5cm x 2.2cm
-Battery: 3 x AAA Batteries (Included) up to 5 hours of scanning
-Features: Progressive LED display and vibration.
-Detection frequency: 50MHz - 6GHz
-Detecting distance:

GSM(GPS)/GPRS/Microwave/Bluetooth/Wifi/3G/4G Bugs up to 1 feet subject to frequency and signal strength

UHF/VHF Bugs - 1 foot subject to frequency and signal strength

Electro-Magnetic Devices/Magnetic Devices - up to 4 inches depending on power of magnet or magnetic field.

Supplied with batteries and simple English instructions written by us (includes techniques and tips).

RFD3 Mid-range Bug/Camera Combined Detector - Medium to High Level of Threat

This is a robust and high quality counter surveillance tool which combines reliability with simplicity of use. Automatically adjusts its sensitivity to eliminate unnecessary radio frequency detection and scans for bugs/trackers. This device is a lot more sensitive than the RFD2 with smarter features.

Mode 1: Detects Radio Frequency Devices - audible alert
Mode 2: Detects Radio Frequency Devices - vibrate alert
Mode 3: Hidden camera locator finds camera lenses.

-Size: 14cm x 7cm x 2.5cm Weight: 185g
-Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery Use time: 30 hours radio frequency detection and 7 hours lens detection
-Features: Progressive LED display and audio 'bleeper'. Flashes/Sounds faster as the bug is approached. Vibrate mode and earpiece for covert sweeping.
-Detection frequency: 50MHz - 6GHz
-Detecting distance:

GSM(GPS)/GPRS/Microwave/Bluetooth/Wifi/3G/4G Bugs - 6" to 15 feet subject to frequency and signal strength

UHF/VHF Bugs - 6" to 15 feet subject to frequency and signal strength

Supplied with charger, earpiece and simple English instructions written by us (includes techniques and tips).

RFD4 Bug Detector - High Level of Threat

This compact and easy to use Bug Detector provides the means to identify and find analogue, digital and even the latest GSM bugs - in fact, anything transmitting on frequencies from 50 MHz up to 6.0 GHz.

This excellent product provides three separate and essential means of detection.

Use the progressive LED display and audio bleeper to indicate the presence, strength and location of a covert transmitter.

Use the audio definition facility to confirm the presence of a GSM bug and to demodulate a live analogue bug.

Use the vibration mode if a silent warning is required.

The RFD4 is a much more powerful detector than the RFD2 and RFD3 with a higher sensitivity range (up to 30 feet - depending on transmitting power) and demodulisation feature.

Detects UHF/VHF/GSM(GPS)/GPRS/Microwave/Bluetooth/Wifi/3G/4G Bugs and Trackers.

RFD4 has internal rechargeable batteries and is supplied with a charger, earphone and simple English instructions written by us (includes techniques and tips).

Please contact us for more information.

New Hidden Spy Camera/Night Vision Detector

This is a highly efficient hand-held device for locating concealed cameras - no matter how well hidden.

Simply look through the special lens, turn on the system, and scan the room.

Any hidden camera will immediately reveal itself by responding to the Detector's strobing light.

Its new feature also allows you to find any Hidden Night Vision camera. Simply activate the TFT screen on the unit and the detector will show any Night Vision cameras including those that are Invisible/black light cameras on the screen

-Easy to use
-Very effective can find cameras whether they are on/off transmitting/not Transmitting
-Small and compact 10 x 6.1 x 1.3cm
-New Built-in TFT screen finds all Night Vision Cameras
-Rechargeable Battery

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A Guide to Maintaining Electronic Privacy

The Guide to Maintaining Electronic Privacy is written for the person that for reasons best known to themselves is likely to attract the unwelcome attention of others wishing to investigate their affairs.

If you are that person, you probably already know who the opposition is and why you may be under surveillance. The Electronic Privacy Guide is written to give the person being subjected to surveillance an awareness of various electronic surveillance techniques, and the knowledge of what, or more importantly, what not to do.

Written in plain English, with the minimum of jargon, the guide is designed to allow the user to defend their privacy. Simply ask yourself: 'What do you have to lose if you are the subject of investigation?'

This publication is available in a hard copy or downloadable version.

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