Here are some frequently asked questions.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Question: My application is a one off. Do you hire equipment?
Answer: Yes. Please enquire.

Question: Is the equipment tax deductible and VAT recoverable?
Answer: Yes, normal business considerations apply.

Question: Can anybody discover I purchased from your Company?
Answer: No, records are highly confidential and secure.

Question: Does the appearance of your invoice cause embarrassment?
Answer: Absolutely not. There is no reference to the type of equipment purchased.

Question: Is it legal to purchase surveillance equipment?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can taped evidence be used in court?
Answer: Yes in many cases. Seek professional legal advice.

Question: Do you ship abroad?
Answer: Yes, with very few exceptions.

Question: How do you accept payment?
Answer: By cash, credit card or bankers transfer (TT/SWIFT)

Question: How long are the products guaranteed?
Answer: One year unconditionally.

Question: If the product needs service, how long does it take?
Answer: Usually it is a same day turn-around.

Question: What happens after the warranty period?
Answer: Service is very fast and at low cost - often no cost.

Question: I can't see prices on your website?
Answer: We prefer advising and talking to our customers. Simply contact us and we will quote you accordingly. Prices are subject to VAT and shipping if applicable.
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