This normal working Powerbank has a USB out or wireless charging pad (for compatible phones) to charge your mobile phone. It has a 10,000MAH battery which can charge a mobile phone easily. It could also be left plugged in as a normal Wireless Charging Pad and operate 24/7. Built inside this powerbank is a full HD Hidden Camera with night vision and Microphone. This system does not require WIFI to work. Simply insert an SD card up to 256GB and the device can record continuously up to 15 hours (depending on night vision). If you set the system to record on motion-sensor the battery can last up to several days/weeks depending on how much movement is in the environment. To playback, simply insert the micro SD card into a computer/laptop to play/copy/delete your recordings.

-Built in sound and video recorder
-Motion/Continuous Modes
-Requires a micro SD card (up to 256GB- up to 200 hours of continuous recording time)
-Overwrite enabled
-Time and date stamp
-No WIFI needed
-Battery - rechargeable high capacity Li-Ion 10000MAH - Up to 15 hours Continuous or Several Days/Weeks on Motion*
-Can be left plugged in as a normal wireless charging pad for 24/7 use.
-Compact Size (16 x 7.7 x 2.1cm) and self-contained (can be moved to different rooms)
-Night vision - invisible light for the camera to see in pitch darkness
-Works as a normal powerbank with USB out or wireless charging pad (compatible phones)
-Remember if being used as a normal powerbank, battery consumption would be higher,

*Depending on movement/settings/powerbank use


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