Our latest hidden camera in an Air Purifier is fantastic for rooms and offices. This system still works as a normal Air Purifier with a HEPA filter that can cleanse air from allergens, mould, odor or any air contaminants up to 0.3 Microns. The purifier is quiet at only 30-40db at low setting if on and can be set on a 6 hour or 24 hour mode. An Air Purifier does not draw any attention and is usually positioned in the right height or place in the room, therefore having a great camera angle and plugged in for 24/7 monitoring! This system runs on WIFI and you can remotely view and check your recordings via your mobile phone (Iphone or Android). If you do not have WIFI, this camera can still run on hotspot mode to check recordings locally. The Air Purifier has a HD camera with night vision and microphone. It can record when it senses movement or be set on continuous mode.

-Mains Operated (24/7 Monitioring)
-HD Camera with Microphone
-Works as a normal Air Purifier with quiet motor
-Night Vision (up to 5 metres) - Invisible blacklight
-110 degree angle lens
-Modes: Continuous/Motion Sensor Recording
-WIFI remote access, view live and check recordings via your Smartphone or hotspot mode for local viewing.
-Micro SD card required (up to 128GB approx 100 hours depending on setting)
-Size 13cm diameter x 10cm

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