This device is a great way of monitoring your landline. It will covertly record both sides of the landline conversation whether you are receiving or making a call. It is ideal for those that have suspicion on their friends, family or spouse. It is also ideal for small businesses where direct lines are used (not suitable for digital switch-board systems).

The unit looks like a normal ADSL filter and fits in-between the telephone socket and landline phone. This system will work on corded or cordless/wireless landline telephones - even if you have several in the premises (as long as all phones are connected to one line). Simply insert a micro SD card (not supplied) in the secret compartment and the unit will record all landline telephone calls with the time and date stamp.

It records in standard WAV format and can be played on any media player. The device is supplied with a USB micro SD card reader to facilitate playback on a PC. It is also very sufficient with its rechargeable battery - it uses the telephone line to draw power and keep the system charged - therefore the built-in rechargeable battery can last for many weeks.


- Anonymous - no signs of recording
- Covert - looks like an ADSL filter
- Time and Date stamp for evidential purposes
- Requires Micro SD card (up to 32GB - over 60 hours of record time)
- Rechargeable lithium ion battery inside unit
- Supplied with charger
- Self-charging when plugged into landline (battery could last for weeks)
- USB cable supplied
- Plug and Play system
- Micro SD card to USB card reader supplied
- Records in standard WAV format - no special software required to playback

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