NEW MBB1 Our Smallest Live Tracking and Listening Device

After years of research and testing many small trackers - we have finally released the new MBB1 which is the smallest tracking unit with 'Actual' realtime tracking. You can watch the unit moving on the map live either from a computer or a free app on your smartphone or check its history (where it's been, and what route it has been taking). Unlike many small units that claim they are trackers, the MBB1 does have GPS (accurate tracking) and is not the 'old' send a text for its location every time (although you can do this if you wish with this unit).

This unit is not magnetic - however, it is so small and light you can use double-sided tape or velcro to fix into place -it is also splash/rain proof. The MBB1 is ideal for personal, asset or vehicle tracking. It is so unique that it is also a very good covert listening device which can pick up sound up to 3 metres - simply call the unit and you will be able to 'listen in' from an unlimited distance. In the past we have found units with both listening a tracking features to be useless as either the tracking is good but the listening is not or vice versa. The MBB1 has a clear amplified microphone with fantastic live tracking.

Just like all of our units The MBB1 is anonymous, no contracts, no monthly/yearly fee, no subscriptions and most importantly no hidden costs. It is a pay as you go unit. The website and App is free to use and is compatible with I-phone or Android. This unit is fully programmed by us and is extremely easy to use.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike many cheap trackers in the market, we do not believe in false economy. Many low cost trackers tie customers in a contract to pay for use of their website and a yearly activation fee. Some charge a yearly fee of £150.00 and £40.00 per month to use the tracker - by the end if your contract you have paid thousands of pounds without realising. Our trackers app and website is completely free - some of our customers are still using our older generation trackers after 10 years! Some low cost trackers say they have GPS but do not have a GPS aerial. GPS is accurate tracking. Some use LBS which is very inaccurate.

Key features:
-Smallest Tracker - no large magnetic box or wiring required only 4.5cm x 3cm x 2cm
-Watch live on website or app and check its history from an unlimited distance
-Website and app are free to use
-Self-contained unit no need for battery packs or boxes
-Listening Feature - call the unit from an unlimited distance and you can listen in covertly.
-Quad-band: can be used in most countries that has GSM networks.
-Ready to use - we have already programmed the unit
-Can SMS its location
-No monthly, yearly subscriptions or contracts
-Battery life 1-2 days*
-Accurate up to 2 metres
-Requires (or can be supplied) Pay As You Go micro size SIM card

Please contact us for more information.
* Depending on movement and settings

CBB - Listening Bug

The model CBB is our smallest and most powerful listening bug. Leave this behind in a room or vehicle and you'll be able to 'listen in' to know what's going on - irrespective of wherever you may be. This system may only be 43 x 32 x 13mm but packed inside this unit is a double Knowles microphone which can pick up sound up to 30 feet all round. The CBB also features sound activation so it can call you when it 'hear's' sound.

Key features:
-Battery Operating time: 2-3 days standby, up to 2 hours constant listening time
-Charging time: 2-3 hours
-Supplied with USB cable for charging
-Sound Activation (can notify you when it hear's sound)
-Clear microphone - can pick up sound up to 30 feet
-Tri-band: can be used in most countries that has GSM networks.
-The battery life can be extended by connecting to a powerbank (USB powered)

We may have other listening device variants. Please give us a call.

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