This recorder has been re-engineered and enhanced to enable it to be used for surveillance purposes. The PDR is an extremely powerful audio recorder and can pick up sound up to 30 feet all round even inside a pocket (depending on depth/material). Built inside the chassis is a custom built amplifier and microphone - it is extremely effective for face to face, room or vehicle recording. This system has been also used for nuisance neighbours and bullying.

It can be left behind in a room to be a secret room recorder (features sound activation which can be switched on or off).

Recordings are easily transferred to computer via USB - standard WAV format

Alternatively the unit is supplied with headphones for easy playback on unit (no computer required)
Simple to use - robust and reliable

Switchable Sound Activation or Continuous recording

Recording capacity up to 150 hours

Battery time up to 2 Days (Standard 1 x AA batteries required - no charging needed)

Simple switch 'On' - 'Off' feature

Dimensions 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm (easy to conceal)

Please contact us for more information.

NEW- Long Battery Standby RAA

Our new compact RAA is a fantastic Mid-Range audio recorder which has an impressive battery time. The rechargeable battery can last up to 2 weeks and the sound quality is extremely clear. The microphone is amplified and can pick up sound up to 30 feet. The RAA has 32GB memory storage which can hold up to 600 hours of recordings until the memory is full. It is small and also magnetic (easy to attach or place). Simply flick the switch on and you are ready to record. The RAA also has sound-activation or non-sound actvation modes. Please note that this device is not weatherproof.

-Battery Time: Up to 2 weeks.
-Memory Time: Up to 600 hours
-Audio Pick Up: Up to 30 feet
-Sound Activation Time and Date stamp
-Built in high capacity rechargeable battery – charges when plugged into computer USB and you -can also transfer your recordings.
-Simple easy on and off switch to start/stop recording
-Playback on any computer with USB – records in standard WAV format (works with most media players)
-Compact Size: 7cm x 2cm x 2.7cm

USB-AR covert sound activated recorder

The USB AR is our smallest audio recorder. Packed inside this tiny chassis is a very powerful amplified multi-directional microphone which can pick up sound up to 30 feet clearly. Simply flick the switch and it can record audio on sound activation (when it ‘hears’ sound/voice).
This audio recorder does not have sound activation and is great for meetings and lectures. It is also fantastic for environments where someone maybe talking very 'quietly' or at a distance where sound activation will not be triggered.

Battery time: up to 18 Hours

Record time (built in Memory 8GB): 160 hours

Audio pick up: 25 feet (Built in high gain multi-directional amp Microphone –clear sound)

Built in rechargeable battery – charges when plugged into a USB port on your computer. You can also play, transfer or write your recordings on CD for evidential purpose.

Normal WAV format, no special software required.

Size: 6.3cm x 2cm x 0.5cm

This is our most popular seller for bodyworn/room/vehicle applications. All of our USB-ARs can record from inside a pocket as they all feature a high gain microphone.

USB-AR2 Sound Activated covert recorder

The USB-AR2 is one of our smallest audio recorder and works very similar to the USB-AR. However, this version supports sound activation and will only record when it hears sound over 40 decibels (normal speech) This is great to be left in a room or vehicle as it is very small and compact. Great for those that only want to record when something is being said rather than recording hours of nothing. This also features a covert battery indicator so you know how much power is left on the device

Simple 'switch to record' function

Time and date stamp on recorded file

Tested battery time gives up to 14 hours of record time

Memory of up to 150 hours

To charge and listen to your recordings, simply plug the USB AR2 into your computer. It records on standard WAV format and can be played with any media player.

For more information please contact us.

New - Slim Pen Covert Audio Recorder

This new audio recorder is excellent for covertly recording meetings or rooms. It is cleverly concealed in a slim pen (unlike many other models that are thick and have obvious buttons) - the pen operates as normal. This can also record in a pocket. The pen records up to 10 hours after a full charge and picks up sound up to 30 feet. The switch and USB is cleverly concealed inside the pen. Supplied with the unit is a USB adaptor/cable to charge and transfer your recordings via a computer/laptop (compatible with MAC and Windows)- it records in standard WAV format.

Simple to use

No Sound-Activation, can record whether someone is talking loud or low

Tested battery operating time of up to 10 hours - 1 to 2 hours quick charge

Memory of up to 150 hours of recording

Amplified Microphone picks up sound up to 30 feet

USB cable/adaptor supplied to charge unit and transfer recordings

For more information please contact us.

New - Audio Recording Watch

This hidden recording watch is great to wear - whether you are dressed formally or casually. Nowadays, smart watches/pedometers have become very fashionable and are worn on a daily basis. This watch looks like a smartwatch and has a very powerful microphone which can pick up sound up to 30 feet. It displays the time as a normal watch but does not have smart watch features (with Pedometer/Bluetooth etc). This watch has been designed with simplicity in mind - simply flick the switch on to start recording or off to stop recording. This is great for quick operation. The battery is rechargeable and can last up to 12 hours of audio recording time. You can either playback on a computer/Laptop to play or transfer recordings alternatively you can plug headphones in (supplied). Please note that this watch is not waterproof as it needs a small hole for the microphone to pick up sound clearly.

- Simple to use (On/Off switch)
- Rechargeable battery can last up to 12 hours
- Continuous/Sound Actvation Mode
- Displays Time like a normal watch
- Unisex Design - Men or Women can wear this Watch
- Memory of up to 150 Hours
- Amplified Microphone can pick up sound clearly up to 30 feet
- Supplied with USB Cable for Charging/Transfer/Playback
- Supplied with Headphones for Playback

New - Long Battery Standby Audio Recorder

This robust/durable device is our most powerful audio recorder with the longest battery operating time, cleverly concealed in a working torch. The device is also magnetic and can be attached to a metal surface (please note this device is not waterproof).

-Battery Time: Up to 1 month or more.
-Memory Time: Up to 580 hours (settable)
-Audio Pick Up: Up to 30 feet
-Sound Activation
Time and Date stamp
-7 Day Timer

-Built in high capacity rechargeable battery – charges when plugged into computer USB and you -can also transfer your recordings.
-Works as normal torch

-Intelligent single button operation – for covert use (button needs to be pressed in sequences -to start and stop recording).
-Playback on any computer with USB – records in standard WAV format (works with most media players)
-Size: 9cm x 5cm x 2.3cm

Covert Landline Recorder

This device is a great way of monitoring your landline. It will covertly record both sides of the landline conversation whether you are receiving or making a call. It is ideal for those that have suspicion on their friends, family or spouse. It is also ideal for small businesses where direct lines are used (not suitable for digital switch-board systems).

The unit looks like a normal ADSL filter and fits in-between the telephone socket and landline phone. This system will work on corded or cordless/wireless landline telephones - even if you have several in the premises (as long as all phones are connected to one line). Simply insert a micro SD card (not supplied) in the secret compartment and the unit will record all landline telephone calls with the time and date stamp.

It records in standard WAV format and can be played on any media player. The device is supplied with a USB micro SD card reader to facilitate playback on a PC. It is also very sufficient with its rechargeable battery - it uses the telephone line to draw power and keep the system charged - therefore the built-in rechargeable battery can last for many weeks.

Contact us for more information.

Please contact us for more information.

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