The Mini Motion Sensor Camera is one of our smallest and most impressive camera yet. The device is compact and can record both sound and video in 1080p HD. Packed inside this little chassis is a motion sensor and very powerful battery. The battery can last up to 5 days (depending on movement*) on motion sensor. This camera can be hidden anywhere - inside boxes, teddy bears, bags etc. It can also be tucked away neatly between books, shelves and objects - great for places where power is limited for example a garage. The motion sensor picks up body-heat up to 8 metres. Playback and charging is simple - connect the USB cable supplied to a computer. All recordings are time and date stamped for evidential purposes. Please note that this camera is not weatherproof and cannot see motion through glass. This device also features Night Vision with blacklight technology (invisible).

-Recharge time: 4-5 Hours
-Battery Operating time: up to 5 days motion*
-Resolution: 1080p HD
-Memory Capacity: Expandable up to 64GB (micro SD card required)
-Easy to use
-Time and Date Stamp
-Size 7 x 3.5 x 2.5cm small and easy to conceal
-Night vision - invisible blacklight
-Excellent sound and video quality


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