This book/file is easy to conceal on shelves, bookshelf, with books, files or even in an office. You can also bring this to a meeting.

This is a great self-contained camera and does not require a separate recorder. Insert a micro SD card into the device (not supplied) and the system is ready to record. This also features infrared night vision to see in pitch darkness and motion sensor. The motion sensor can help the battery to last up to 2 weeks (depending on use). Alternatively you can record contiuously for meetings.


- HD Hidden Camera and Microphone
- Motion/Continuous mode
- Long battery standby (up to 2 weeks depending on use)
- Time and Date stamp for evidential purposes
- Requires Micro SD card for recording (up to 32GB - approx 8 hours of record time)
- Loop mode when memory is full.
- Infrared Night Vision (invisible blacklight) to see in pitch black
- Comes with some paper inside to blend in
- Technology all hidden inside the rib
- No WIFI required - playback on any computer
- Size 15 x 21.5 x 4cm

*Product may vary from the illustration

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